Harder To Breathe Teaser

College. Everyone hears the stories. In high school, they train you for it; give you intense amounts of homework, little time to do it. They say everyone is going to change. Well by change, they mean shorts get shorter, the boys get more desperate and nights become a playground for parties and clubs. The energy drinks change to double shots of espresso in the morning coffees. Former friends turn to strangers. Those manwhores from high school turn into the biggest men on campus.

But somehow there’s also that one boy who girls want to have just one night with and boys want be best friends with. At Cambridge,that one boy is Niall Horan. He was that it boy; everyone loved him and want to either be him or get with him. I mean, he was one of the “Big Five” in the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. He’s king of the world. Gets anything he wants when he wants it. Life couldn’t get any sweeter for this Irish boy could it? Well that is until the new girl on campus shakes this spoiled frat boy’s world up. She’s not popular, she’s not into it at all actually but yet she’s all that can be talked about. She’s just a girl, a NORMAL girl. But how is a plain Jane like Haley Dyson making it harder and harder to breathe for Niall Horan?

Harder to Breathe: A Frat Boy One Direction Story

Coming Summer 2013

*****This story will involve teen drinking, smoking, sex, language and drug use. Only read if you think you can handle it*******